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Please do leave your comments and questions at the end of this post!Turlough and his kin were from the Síol Muireadaigh tribe – one of the Tribes of Ireland at the time.Mide (the modern counties of Meath and Westmeath ) was one of the ancient provinces of Ireland and held the ancient capital – Tara.However, before Turloughs time the effective capital had become Dublin.Other leading families of Desmumu were: Mac Auliffe, Mac Gillycuddy, (Mac) Cotter, (O) Canty, O) Brosnan, (O) Keefe, (O) Cahill, (O) Callaghan, Carey, (O) Coffey, (O) Coughlan, Connolly, (O) Connell, (O) Cronin, (O) Crowley, Cuddihy, (O) Cullinane, (O) Quill, (O) Collins, (O) Dorgan, (O) Dwane, (O) Donegan, (O) Donoghue, (O) Duggan, (O) Doheny, (O) Dennehy, (O) Dinneen, (O) Downey, (O) Falvey, (O) Phelan, (O) Field, (O) Flynn, Foley, Foran, Forde, (O) Garvey, Griffin, (O) Hea, (O) Hennessy, Healey, (O) Driscoll, (O) Hurley, Harrington, (O) Noonan, Green, (O) Leahy, (O) Leary, Lehane, Mannix, Mullins, (O) Mahony, (O) Meehan, (O) Moriarty, (O) Riordan, (O) Scanlan, (O) Shea, (O) Sullivan, (O) Tracy, (O) Twomey, (O) Duggan, (O) Kennedy, (O) Cagney, (O) Leary, (O) Dullea, (O) Coffey, (O) Cowhig, (O) Cullinane and (O) Driscoll.

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Other leading families included: Quinlan, Devine, O’Hea, O’Hennessy, O’Connolly, O’Breen, O’Higgins, Mac Geoghegan, O’Brennan, O’Hart, O’Curry, O’Daly, Mac Auley, O’Dooley, O’Scully, Mulholland, Mac Gee, O’Donoghue, Gaffney, Mac Conway, O’Ronan, O’Farrell, Mac Coughlan, O’Houlihan, O’Molloy, O’Carney, Fox, O’Keary, , O’Regan, O’Casey and O’Carroll.

The Uí Briúin Bréifne were the main tribe within Breifne (appropriated meaning “Hilly” as it covered the modern counties of Leitrim, Cavan and parts of Sligo).

The Kings of Breifne were the O’Rourkes – other leading families included: Brady, Mc Cabe, Gaffney, Mac Donnell, (Mac) Clancy, Mac Gowan, (Mac) Elroy, Mac Enroe, Mac Manus, (Mac) Murray, (Mac) Shanly, Mac Sharry, (Mac) Tiernan, Mac Govern, Maguire, O’Banan, (O) Boylan, Cassidy, (O) Kenny, (O) Carroll, (O) Carolan, (O) Connolly, (O) Corcoran, (O) Corrigan, (O) Farrelly , (O) Finnegan, (O) Heany , (O) Muldoon and the second leading family – the O Reillys.

The O’Briens were the ruling family of Tuamumu and other leading families include: (Mac) Clancy, (Mac) Conway, (Mac) Corcoran, (O) Bannon, (O) Boland, (O) Cahill, (O) Carroll, (O) Connor, (O) Dea, (O) Donovan, (O) Dooley, (O) Drennan, (O) Dwyer, (O) Fennessy, (O) Flaherty, (O) Flanagan, (O) Fogarty, (O) Galvin, (O) Grady, (O) Halloran, (O) Hannon, (O) Heffernan, (O) Hehir, (O) Hickey, (O) Hogan, (O) Honan, (O) Hurley, (O) Kearney, (O) Kelleher, (O) Kennedy, (O) Kiely, (O) Loughlin, (O) Meagher, (O) Melody, (O) Mulcahy, (O) Naghten, (O) Quirke, (O) Reddan, (O) Regan, (O) Reidy, (O) Shannon, (O) Sheehan, Ahern, Buckley, Collins, Curry, Flannery, Gilroy, Gleeson, Houlihan, Mac Considine, Mac Enery, Mac Namara, Mac Donnell, Mac Grath, Mac Inerney, Mac Mahon, Maher, Malone, Maloney, O’Meara, Ryan and Sexton, Note: Some of these surnames may have evolved shortly after 1150AD.

The Kingdom of Desmumu (South Munster) came about in 1118 with the further rise to power of the Dal g Cais tribe of north Munster.

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