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So you want to learn how to list on Craigslist huh? Take your time and look over at the categories carefully so you post in the right place. I’ve been selling items on cragislist for a very long time and have never had any problems. Pick the one that corresponds to what you’re selling. Now you’re taken to the classified ad form: Next step is to read and accept the Craigslist terms of use, which is VERY long and complicated. If not, I wouldn’t worry about it, I haven’t either.

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So if you want to keep abreast of my work, make sure you check my PJM column.

Also, let it be noted: I do NOT have an account at any of the following social media sites, so don’t bother looking for me at…

Because I’m disorganized and always short of time, that’s why not!

I also sometimes post single photos or mini photo essays at The Tatler, which is why it has pretty much supplanted the role formerly filled by zomblog.

Overall, The Tatler is a fast-paced group blog at which PJM author can post quick breaking news links or timely punditry about current events.

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